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PINEAPPLE CHUNK means: Pineapple chunk is British military rhyming slang for a bed (bunk). Pineapple chunk is British military rhyming slang for escape (bunk). Pineapple chunk is suburban British rhyming slang for drunk. Pineapple chunk is British rhyming slang for junk.Pineapple chunk is Scottish rhyming slang semen (spunk).


PINEAPPLE YOURSELF means: Pineapple yourself is British slang for go away!

Meaning of PING

PING means: Ping is British slang for to urinate.

Meaning of PINGUS

PINGUS means: Pingus is slang for valium.

Meaning of PINHEAD

PINHEAD means: Pinhead is slang for a fool, an idiot.Pinhead is slang for a small−minded, petty person.Pinhead is slang for someone with a small head and a proportionately large body.

Meaning of PINK

PINK means: Pink is slang for homosexual.Pink is slang for a supporter of left−wing political ideas.

Meaning of PINK LINT

PINK LINT means: Pink lint is rare London Cockney rhyming slang for penniless (skint).


PINK PANTHER COUNTRY means: Pink panther country is British slang for Durham.

Meaning of PINKIE

PINKIE means: Pinkie is slang for a white person. Pinkie is slang for the little finger.

Meaning of PINKO

PINKO means: Pinko is American slang for someone with liberal or left−wing political leanings.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of araignée au plafond

araignée au plafond means: have bats in the belfry; be batty

Meaning of après coup

après coup means: after the event; after the fact

Meaning of appuyer sur le champignon

appuyer sur le champignon means: floor it; keep one’s foot on the accelerator (lit.: press on the mushroom)

Meaning of appeler un chat un chat

appeler un chat un chat means: call a spade a spade

Meaning of announcer la couleur

announcer la couleur means: lay one’s cards on the table (lit.: to annouce the color)

Meaning of aller dinguer

aller dinguer means: fall flat on one's face; go crashing down

Meaning of âme damnée

âme damnée means: henchman; tool (lit.: soul damned)

Meaning of aller sur les brisées de qqn

aller sur les brisées de qqn means: tread on someone’s territory

Meaning of aller de soi

aller de soi means: be self-evident

Meaning of ajouter fois aux dires de qn

ajouter fois aux dires de qn means: give credence to sb’s words (lit.: to add faith to what someone says)

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