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Meaning of Q

Q means: depressants

Meaning of QAT

QAT means: methcathinone

Meaning of QUADS

QUADS means: depressants

Meaning of QUARTER

QUARTER means: quarter ounce

Meaning of QUARTZ

QUARTZ means: smokeable methylamphetamine

Meaning of QUILL

QUILL means: a matchbox cover when folded used for sniffing (snorting) narcotics

Meaning of QUILL

QUILL means: Whistle (term used especially in the South)

Meaning of QUILLING

QUILLING means: Personalized technique of blowing a locomotive whistle, applicable only in the days before the whistles became standardized

Meaning of QT

QT means: Cutie

Meaning of Quashee

Quashee means: Used by British to refer to blacks (originally slaves) in the West Indies; derived from Quassi, name of slave from Surinam who became famous

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Meaning of MOZZY


Meaning of

means: Surely "I don't know"(quad erat demonstrandum apparently)

Meaning of chips

chips means:

Meaning of Tarnie

Tarnie means:

Meaning of binos

binos means:

Meaning of mother of saints

mother of saints means:

Meaning of Russian arsetickler

Russian arsetickler means: Doesn't fit in arse and doesn't tickle.

Meaning of dog and bone

dog and bone means:

Meaning of The

The means: "The cat is flargo"

Meaning of Flargo

Flargo means: When you can't eat your sandwich

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