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Meaning of REDLINING

REDLINING means: Redlining is American slang for an illegal lending policy that does not allow loans for property in certain areas. It is used to control the racial composition of neighbourhoods in the USA.

Meaning of REDNECK

REDNECK means: Redneck is American slang for a rustic bigot.

Meaning of REDS

REDS means: Reds is slang for menstruation. Reds is slang for secobarbital.

Meaning of REDSHANK

REDSHANK means: Redshank is slang for a duck.

Meaning of REDSHIRT

REDSHIRT means: Redshirt is American slang for keeping a player from competing in a season so as to take advantage of their being able to compete in the following season.Redshirt is American slang for delaying a child's entry into nursery so that they have more time for physical and emotional development before entering school.

Meaning of REEB

REEB means: Reeb is British slang for beer.

Meaning of REEF

REEF means: Reef is criminal slang for picking a pocket; steal; obtain dishonestly. Reef is slang for a hand−rolled cannabis cigarette.

Meaning of REEFER

REEFER means: Reefer is slang for a hand−rolled cannabis cigarette. Reefer is criminal slang for a pickpocket.

Meaning of REEK

REEK means: Reek is slang for stink.

Meaning of REEKER

REEKER means: Reeker is American medical slang for a smelly patient.

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Meaning of Clout up

Clout up means:

Meaning of Air tights

Air tights means:

Meaning of freckle

freckle means:

Meaning of dig

dig means: nigger faggot

Meaning of put your tn foil down

put your tn foil down means:

Meaning of cruisin for a bruisin

cruisin for a bruisin means:

Meaning of

means: Close enough/near enough

Meaning of Chunky

Chunky means:

Meaning of

means: Arrieta

Meaning of thrumme

thrumme means:

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