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Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of REMUSTER

REMUSTER means: Remuster is military slang for be assigned to other duties. Remuster is military slang for assemble again.

Meaning of RENE

RENE means: Rene is British slang for a young, female, working−class Londoner. Rene is British slang for a girlfriend.

Meaning of RENT BOY

RENT BOY means: Rent boy is slang for a male prostitute.

Meaning of RENT PARTY

RENT PARTY means: Rent party is Black−American slang for a party given in ones home to make money to pay the rent.

Meaning of RENTACOP

RENTACOP means: Rentacop is slang for a security guard.

Meaning of RENTER

RENTER means: Renter is slang for a male prostitute.

Meaning of RENTS

RENTS means: Rents is American slang for parents.

Meaning of REP

REP means: Rep is school slang for repetition.

Meaning of REPO MAN

REPO MAN means: Repo man is American slang for a repossesser of cars on which credit payments have lapsed.


REPPLE DEPPLE means: Repple depple is American military slang for a replacement depot where soldiers stationed overseas gather before going home.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Probity-Ringer

Probity-Ringer means: Person who uses or expresses moral sounding values or principles to project themselves as righteous and virtuous, but in reality the individual holds no personal belief in these values, only insofar as to use them to claim the moral high ground in order to win debate

Meaning of

means: ishkababadadadadex

Meaning of penal

penal means:

Meaning of

means: Feed the pony

Meaning of

means: Slang meaning or definition and example

Meaning of The L

The L means: Taking the L means to take a loss.

Meaning of


Meaning of mcm

mcm means: Men crush mondays

Meaning of Slang

Slang means:

Meaning of avorton

avorton means: runt

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