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Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of REPTILE

REPTILE means: Reptile is British slang for a despicable person.

Meaning of REPTILES

REPTILES means: Reptiles is slang for footwear made from dead reptile skin, such as snakeskin or crocodile−skin.

Meaning of RESPECT

RESPECT means: Respect is a Jamaican slang term of respect and approval.

Meaning of RESULT

RESULT means: Result is British slang for a favourable outcome.

Meaning of RETARD

RETARD means: Retard is derogatory British slang for a stupid person.Retard is American slang for a person with learning difficulties (mentally handicapped).

Meaning of RETCH

RETCH means: Retch is American slang for to vomit


RETIREMENT AGE means: Retirement age is bingo slang for .

Meaning of RETREAD

RETREAD means: Retread is slang for a retired soldier recalled for temporary service.Retread is American slang for providing a retired person with new training for new employment.

Meaning of RETTES

RETTES means: Rettes is American slang for cigarettes.

Meaning of REUBEN

REUBEN means: Reuben (from Reuben Sandwich) is American slang for a large sandwich served hot, made of rye bread and containing meat, cheese and sauerkraut.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir l’espirt mal tourné

avoir l’espirt mal tourné means: have a dirty mind; have an evil mind

Meaning of avoir l’espirt de clocher

avoir l’espirt de clocher means: be narrow-minded

Meaning of avoir l’air

avoir l’air means: seem; feel; appear (lit.: to have the air [of])

Meaning of avoir honte

avoir honte means: be ashamed; be embarassed

Meaning of avoir fait sone temps

avoir fait sone temps means: have had one’s day

Meaning of avoir envie de

avoir envie de means: want to; feel like

Meaning of avoir du mal à

avoir du mal à means: have difficulty

Meaning of avoir du foin dans les bottes

avoir du foin dans les bottes means: have feathered one’s nest

Meaning of avoir du cran

avoir du cran means: have guts; be brave

Meaning of avoir du cachet

avoir du cachet means: have style

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