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Meaning of SCALLY

SCALLY means: Scally is slang for a miscreant person. Scally is British slang for a young man. Scally is British slang for a delinquent.Scally is British slang for a male inhabitant of Liverpool. Scally is Scouse slang for a tearaway.

Meaning of SCALLYWAG

SCALLYWAG means: Scallywag is slang for a rascal, good−for−nothing person. Scallywag is American slang for an ill−conditioned cow.

Meaning of SCALP

SCALP means: Scalp is slang for to sell tickets for more than their face value. Scalp is rare British slang for a wig.

Meaning of SCALPER

SCALPER means: Scalper is American slang for a ticket−tout.

Meaning of SCALPING

SCALPING means: Scalping is slang for profiteering, particularly by re−selling tickets at an inflated price. Scalping isBritish slang for a very short haircut.

Meaning of SCALY

SCALY means: Scaly was old slang for a poor shabby, despicable, person.

Meaning of SCAM

SCAM means: Scam is slang for a trick or con.

Meaning of SCAMMERED

SCAMMERED means: Scammered is old slang for drunk, intoxicated.

Meaning of SCAMP

SCAMP means: Scamp is slang for to perform in a hasty, neglectful, or imperfect manner; to do superficially.


SCANDIHOOVIAN means: Scandihoovian is American slang for a Scandinavian.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of

means: Surely "I don't know"(quad erat demonstrandum apparently)

Meaning of chips

chips means:

Meaning of Tarnie

Tarnie means:

Meaning of binos

binos means:

Meaning of mother of saints

mother of saints means:

Meaning of Russian arsetickler

Russian arsetickler means: Doesn't fit in arse and doesn't tickle.

Meaning of dog and bone

dog and bone means:

Meaning of The

The means: "The cat is flargo"

Meaning of Flargo

Flargo means: When you can't eat your sandwich

Meaning of Puddles

Puddles means:

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