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Words starting with s

Slang words, phrases and definitions


SADDLE TRAMP means: Saddle tramp is American slang for an itinerant cowboy.


SADDLEBAGS means: Saddlebags is slang for labia majora. Saddlebags is slang for a very large scotum.


SADDLING PADDOCK means: Saddling paddock is Australian slang for a place where sexual contacts are easily made, or where prostitutes await customers.


SADIE AND MASIE means: Sadie and Masie is slang for sado−masochism.

Meaning of SADITTY

SADITTY means: Saditty is Black American slang for affecting an air of superiority.

Meaning of SAFE

SAFE means: Safe is British slang for good, fine.Safe is American and Canadian slang for a condom.


SAFE AND SOUND means: Safe and sound is London Cockney rhyming slang for ground.

Meaning of SAFETY

SAFETY means: Safety is Black−American slang for ones bed.

Meaning of SAFFY EYES

SAFFY EYES means: Saffy eyes is slang for puffy, baggy sleepy eyes.

Meaning of SAG WAGON

SAG WAGON means: Sag wagon is slang for a van which follows a bicycle race and picks up exhausted riders.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of A table

A table means: 1.Someone who can endure almost everything.
2. Someone you can rely on.
E.g Nelzealours is less worried nowadays it seems he's got a table.

The word table can sometimes be written with the capital letter T based on who the person you are depending on is.

Meaning of To spill the water

To spill the water means: 1. To loose ones life.
2. To loose something you have been possessing {More especially the game that seemed like you were going to win} in a shameful way.
E.g They thought that Nelzealours was going to Laugh at them after their spilling the water, but he remained shtum instead.

Meaning of Water falling off the cascade

Water falling off the cascade means: 1.{Of a person} it means a person who can hardly go back to his old doings.
e.g I nowadays see Nelzealours teaching people. To tell you the truth I am dumbstruck, I never thought he would change like that.
Oh you are talking about him. Alot have been saying that he is water falling off the cascade.
2.{Of a promise} it means a serious promise that is ought to be carried out no matter what.
3.It can aswell mean something irreversible.

Meaning of Chili

Chili means: A punishment given to someone at the right time.

Meaning of Chili

Chili means: A punishment given to someone at the right time.

Meaning of Chili

Chili means: A punishment given to someone at the right time.

Meaning of Hunting

Hunting means: Thinking.
I have noticed you've been shtum since morning. Whathat are you hunting?

Meaning of Food for eyes

Food for eyes means: Something good to look at.

Meaning of Head/Thought lingerer

Head/Thought lingerer means: A person or thing that a person thinks about most of the time.

Meaning of To take someone by the eyes

To take someone by the eyes means: To take someone's attention to an extent were he can hardly stop looking at you.
Jessie took Neozealours by the eyes with her smile.

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