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Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Upchuck

Upchuck means: To vomit when one has drunk too much.

Meaning of Utinni

Utinni means: This was an exclamation made by various Jawas that was roughly the equivalent of "come here!"

Meaning of Ugly as a Mud Fence

Ugly as a Mud Fence means: Used to describe someone who was very ugly.

Meaning of Uncorkin' a Bronc

Uncorkin' a Bronc means: Breaking a horse.

Meaning of Unmentionables

Unmentionables means: Underwear.

Meaning of Unsalted

Unsalted means: Fresh, green, young, inexperienced.

Meaning of Unwound

Unwound means: A horse bucking.

Meaning of Up a Tree, Treed

Up a Tree, Treed means: In difficulty, cornered, unable to do anything.

Meaning of Uppish

Uppish means: Proud, insolent.

Meaning of Upper Story

Upper Story means: The brain, the head. "He’s not right in his upper story.”

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Puddles

Puddles means:

Meaning of Nelzealours~meaninh i am zealours to do good thing.

Nelzealours~meaninh i am zealours to do good thing. means:

Meaning of


Meaning of Hemmed p

Hemmed p means:

Meaning of Grandma's dacha

Grandma's dacha means:

Meaning of mae

mae means: money earned implicitly

Meaning of Chutiya

Chutiya means:

Meaning of henna

henna means:

Meaning of Channel-surfing

Channel-surfing means:

Meaning of DickRiding

DickRiding means: Dick Riding Is When Someone Over Praise Another Person With Intentions To Get Noticed, Or To Get Approval By That Person. This Person Acts Like A "Groupie" In Hope On Obtaining Extra Cool Points From That Person.

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