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Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of unbeknown

unbeknown means: unknown

Meaning of underskirt

underskirt means: a lady’s underwear (slip)

Meaning of unemployment boots

unemployment boots means: rubber boots bought when fishermen started collection unemployment insurance. They were made of green rubber, with 4 holes at the top with yellow laces

Meaning of unpossible

unpossible means: impossible

Meaning of upper storey

upper storey means: the head

Meaning of Under and Over

Under and Over means:   A fairground game that's easy to swindle people with.

Meaning of uggies

uggies means: Surfing shoes or boots. Well, that's my two cents worth.

Meaning of ugly-stick

ugly-stick means: An imaginary stick that makes anyone hit by it ugly. Dad, gum it! I left my uggies on the beach.

Meaning of umph

umph means: umph Where did you get that outfit! Were you hit by the ugly stick?

Meaning of unclued

unclued means: Unknowledgeable, unaware of what is what. Couldn't you get a little more, I don't know, umph into this ad campaign?

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Sussy

Sussy means: Sussys are Sussys thats all.

Meaning of


Meaning of Seen you in church in the Bald headed row

Seen you in church in the Bald headed row means:

Meaning of


Meaning of Litty

Litty means:

Meaning of Anisophylleaceae

Anisophylleaceae means: A plant

Meaning of

means: SHIP

Meaning of Aegean

Aegean means:

Meaning of Juanoxx

Juanoxx means: Hombre de pana

Meaning of


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