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Words starting with v

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of viral growth

viral growth means: replaced organic as the term of choice for decribing rapid growth.

Meaning of Velvet

Velvet means: Milkshake

Meaning of Vermont

Vermont means: Maple syrup

Meaning of Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary means: Bloody Mary with no alcohol

Meaning of Virtue

Virtue means: Cherry pie

Meaning of Veg Out

Veg Out means: to relax

Meaning of Veg

Veg means: Term used to describe 'chilling out' or taking it easy. Derived from the word vegetable or someone who is paralyzed. A couch potato would be a veg.

Meaning of Very

Very means: It's a short way of saying thats 'very cool', etc. From the film Heathers. They always say "thats very"

Meaning of Vexed

Vexed means: irritated, angry. An old word, it has gained new currency, as demonstrated by Science in Big Brother to express his annoyance with some triviality or other.

Meaning of Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn means: Gin

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of back seat bingo

back seat bingo means: Back seat bingo

Meaning of MZXCO ,COM


Meaning of Finesse someone means:

Finesse someone means: means: To steal or take something off of someone leaving them in shocking surprise. *Example* Tyrone just finessed me... he took my apple juice. Finesse is an American slang term, mainly used by African Americans!

Meaning of anguist

anguist means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of U

U means: U meaning you

Meaning of Yo

Yo means: Meaning hello

Meaning of Yo

Yo means:

Meaning of worsted

worsted means:

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