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Meaning of VIBE

VIBE means: Vibe is slang for the atmosphere or feelings in a situation.

Meaning of VIBE ON

VIBE ON means: Vibe on is American slang for to be sympathetic toward, understanding.

Meaning of VIBES

VIBES means: Vibes is slang for feelings, atmosphere, mood.


VIBRATIONS means: Vibrations is slang for instinctive feelings supposedly influencing human communication.

Meaning of VIC

VIC means: Vic is Black−American slang for a victim

Meaning of VICIOUS

VICIOUS means: Vicious is slang for impressive, powerful, exciting.

Meaning of VIDRIO

VIDRIO means: Vidrio is slang for heroin.

Meaning of VILLAIN

VILLAIN means: Villain is slang for a criminal.

Meaning of VILLE

VILLE means: Ville is Black−American slang for popular suffix often attached to any word as an intensifier

Meaning of VIM

VIM means: Vim is slang for exuberant vigour and energy.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Sket

Sket means: A girl that has lots of boys to choose from like that girl likes every boy

Meaning of back seat bingo

back seat bingo means: Back seat bingo

Meaning of MZXCO ,COM


Meaning of Finesse someone means:

Finesse someone means: means: To steal or take something off of someone leaving them in shocking surprise. *Example* Tyrone just finessed me... he took my apple juice. Finesse is an American slang term, mainly used by African Americans!

Meaning of anguist

anguist means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of U

U means: U meaning you

Meaning of Yo

Yo means: Meaning hello

Meaning of Yo

Yo means:

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