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Meaning of ya tellin me

ya tellin me means: agreeing with something

Meaning of yabber

yabber means: talk too much

Meaning of yabbie

yabbie means: small Australian freshwater crayfish

Meaning of yack

yack means: to talk about nothing very important

Meaning of yahoo

yahoo means: hoon, reckless person

Meaning of yakka

yakka means: work ‘well done mate, that was hard yakkal’

Meaning of yank my chain

yank my chain means: mislead, fool ‘Are you just yanking my chain?’

Meaning of yarn

yarn means: telling a story ‘What a great yarn.’

Meaning of yobbo

yobbo means: unsophisticated person ‘What a bloody yobbo!’

Meaning of yonks

yonks means: a long period of time ‘Haven’t seen you in yonks.’

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Choker

Choker means: That bitch suck dick. She a hoe on the corner

Meaning of


Meaning of


Meaning of

means: XXX

Meaning of


Meaning of Xxxxx

Xxxxx means: Xxxx

Meaning of Traipses

Traipses means:

Meaning of Frajo

Frajo means:

Meaning of Mug match

Mug match means: ?

Meaning of poofer

poofer means: meaning marijuana cigarettr

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