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Words starting with y

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of YAHOO

YAHOO means: You Always Have Other Options

Meaning of YAJWD

YAJWD means: You Ain't Just Whistling Dixie

Meaning of YAOTM

YAOTM means: Yet Another Off Topic Message

Meaning of YARBWYR

YARBWYR means: You're A Right Bleed'n Wanker You Are

Meaning of YATFM

YATFM means: You Are Too F***ing Much

Meaning of YATI

YATI means: You're A Total Idiot

Meaning of YAUN

YAUN means: Yet Another Unix Nerd

Meaning of YB

YB means: You B*tch

Meaning of YBF

YBF means: You've Been F***ed

Meaning of YBS

YBS means: You'll Be Sorry

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of


Meaning of

means: XXX

Meaning of


Meaning of Xxxxx

Xxxxx means: Xxxx

Meaning of Traipses

Traipses means:

Meaning of Frajo

Frajo means:

Meaning of Mug match

Mug match means: ?

Meaning of poofer

poofer means: meaning marijuana cigarettr

Meaning of cushion

cushion means:

Meaning of

means: A gram of herion. Will he do a jab for $70.00?

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