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Meaning of YBY

YBY means: Yeah Baby Yeah

Meaning of YBYSA

YBYSA means: You Bet Your Sweet Ass

Meaning of YCMTSU

YCMTSU means: You Can't Make This Sh** Up

Meaning of YCMU

YCMU means: You Crack Me Up

Meaning of YCT

YCT means: Your Comment To

Meaning of YDKM

YDKM means: You Don't Know Me

Meaning of YEPPIES

YEPPIES means: Young Experimenting Perfection Seekers

Meaning of YF

YF means: Wife

Meaning of YGBK

YGBK means: You Gotta Be Kidding

Meaning of YGBSM

YGBSM means: You Gotta Be Sh**ing Me

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Clout up

Clout up means:

Meaning of Air tights

Air tights means:

Meaning of freckle

freckle means:

Meaning of dig

dig means: nigger faggot

Meaning of put your tn foil down

put your tn foil down means:

Meaning of cruisin for a bruisin

cruisin for a bruisin means:

Meaning of

means: Close enough/near enough

Meaning of Chunky

Chunky means:

Meaning of

means: Arrieta

Meaning of thrumme

thrumme means:

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