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Words starting with z

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of ZIGZAGGED

ZIGZAGGED means: Zigzagged is slang for drunk, intoxicated, under the influence of drugs.

Meaning of ZILCH

ZILCH means: Zilch is slang for nothing, zero. Zilch is slang for a nonentity.Zilch is American slang for to defeat. Zilch is American slang for to fail.Zilch is American slang for an easy victim. Zilch is American slang for a spot, a pimple.

Meaning of ZILLION

ZILLION means: Zillion is slang for a very large number.


ZILLIONAIRE means: Zillionaire is slang for a very wealthy person.

Meaning of ZIM−ZIM

ZIM−ZIM means: Zim−zim is South African slang for a member of a politically orientated Black youth gang.

Meaning of ZIMMER

ZIMMER means: Zimmer is American slang for a girl.

Meaning of ZING

ZING means: Zing is American slang for a sudden attack, retort. Zing is American slang for energy, enthusiasm. Zing is American slang for a high−pitched noise.

Meaning of ZING UP

ZING UP means: Zing up is slang for to enliven.

Meaning of ZINGER

ZINGER means: Zinger is American slang for something outstandingly good. Zinger is American slang for a wisecrack; punch−line.Zinger is American slang for a surprise question; an unexpected turn of events.

Meaning of ZINGY

ZINGY means: Zingy is slang for energetic, enthusiastic.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of


Meaning of


Meaning of USA Imaging Supplies

USA Imaging Supplies means: 1920 Magdalene Way
San Diego Ca 92110

USA Imaging Supplies is a leading online supplier of printer toner as well as a large selection of computer supplies. We carry a full array of replacement cartridges for inkjet, laser printers, copier and fax toner

Meaning of County Bail Bonds

County Bail Bonds means: bail bonds

Meaning of

means: County Bail Bonds

Meaning of


Meaning of Justin Lo Criminal Attorney

Justin Lo Criminal Attorney means: Everyone has rights and criminal defense is about defending those rights. When you’ve been charged with a crime, you come to the understanding that you are the only one interested in fighting for your rights. However, you cannot do it alone and that’s why there is need for aggressive, uncompromising criminal defense. Call the law offices of Justin Lo Law to find the valuable information you’re looking for as you embark on this new process. When it comes to arrests made on criminal charges in Long Beach, Torrance, or throughout Southern California, the situation should be treated as an emergency. Finding yourself in this situation for the first time could result in confusion and uncertainty. Conversely, if you’re facing repeat charges, it means that the stake and potential sentencing will be much higher. Without the legal counsel of a seasoned attorney, you will still be ambushed by legal surprises.

Meaning of G M

G M means: More than Once ~ Gaand Maraavo

By Dharmesh DOLPHIN

Meaning of thot

thot means: that ho over there

Meaning of Nitro

Nitro means: To get irrationally angry very quickly and unexpectedly possibly causing a scene but definitely acting out. For example she went nitro on me just walking down the street on a sunny day.

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