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Slang meaning of avoir le diable au corps

avoir le diable au corps means: be possessed

What is the slang meaning/definition of avoir le diable au corps ?

avoir le diable au corps (French idiom.) means: be possessed

Slang definition of avoir le diable au corps

avoir le diable au corps (French idiom.) means: be possessed

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Enthusiast (n.): One moved or actuated by enthusiasm; as: (a) One who imagines himself divinely inspired, or possessed of some special revelation; a religious madman; a fanatic. (b) One whose mind is wholly possessed and heated by what engages it; one who is influenced by a peculiar; fervor of mind; an ardent and imaginative person.

Ought (imp., p. p., or auxi): Owned; possessed.

Possessed (imp. & p. p.): of Possess

Territoried (a.): Possessed of territory.

Wittified (a.): Possessed of wit; witty.

Copyholder (n.): One possessed of land in copyhold.

Deciduate (a.): Possessed of, or characterized by, a decidua.

Starost (n.): A nobleman who possessed a starosty.

Spirited (a.): Animated or possessed by a spirit.

Collected (a.): Self-possessed; calm; composed.

Seizin (n.): The thing possessed; property.

Energumen (n.): One possessed by an evil spirit; a demoniac.

Beneficed (a.): Possessed of a benefice or church preferment.

Satanophany (n.): An incarnation of Satan; a being possessed by a demon.

Demonianism (n.): The state of being possessed by a demon or by demons.

Self-possessed (a.): Composed or tranquill in mind, manner, etc.; undisturbed.

High-principled (a.): Possessed of noble or honorable principles.

Bankrupt (a.): Destitute of, or wholly wanting (something once possessed, or something one should possess).

Thing (n.): Whatever may be possessed or owned; a property; -- distinguished from person.

Wood (a.): Mad; insane; possessed; rabid; furious; frantic.

Demonomania (n.): A form of madness in which the patient conceives himself possessed of devils.

Trichroism (n.): The quality possessed by some crystals of presenting different colors in three different directions.

Want (v. i.): That which is needed or desired; a thing of which the loss is felt; what is not possessed, and is necessary for use or pleasure.

Refringency (n.): The power possessed by a substance to refract a ray; as, different substances have different refringencies.

Seizure (n.): That which is seized, or taken possession of; a thing laid hold of, or possessed.

Appropriator (n.): A spiritual corporation possessed of an appropriated benefice; also, an impropriator.

Quack (n.): Hence, one who boastfully pretends to skill or knowledge of any kind not possessed; a charlatan.

Fibrinogenous (a.): Possessed of properties similar to fibrinogen; capable of forming fibrin.

Fresh (superl): Possessed of original life and vigor; new and strong; unimpaired; sound.

Witty (n.): Possessed of wit; knowing; wise; skillful; judicious; clever; cunning.

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Meaning of avoir le diable au corps

avoir le diable au corps means: be possessed

Meaning of TOGETHER

TOGETHER means: Together is slang for self−possessed, competent, and well−organized; mentally and emotionally stable.

Meaning of KUMINA

KUMINA means: n. Ecstatic dance for the purpose of communicating with ancestors. From Twi akom-to be possessed and ana-by an ancestor

Meaning of RANKING

RANKING means: Ranking is Jamaican slang for possessed of style; fashionable; exciting, powerful.

Meaning of vick

vick means: "Flick the vick". To stick your two fingers up at someone in an manner meant to be insulting. e.g. "I gave that maths teacher the vick this morning."'V' sign using two fingers has long been a signal of contempt. It originated during the interminable wars between the English and the French. The French were in awe of the English longbow-men. If the French managed to capture any of the bowmen, their practice was to sever the two "string" fingers of the right hand thus rendering them permanently incapable of using a bow.It thus became a symbol of contempt and derision for those English bowmen who still possessed their fingers, to wave them at the opposing side.During World War Two, Winston Churchill used it either way round, to signify "victory", and the shortened somewhat "politer" name of the action has since dropped into common useage since as "the vick", though the original expression "flick the vees" is still used in alongside the newer term.

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Meaning of beef (something) up

beef (something) up means: Vrb phrs. To increase in size or volume; basically to make stronger. E.g."Once he'd beefed up his engine, his car was unbeatable on the track."

Meaning of gnarly

gnarly means: Adj. Cool, excellent, great. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of NIMY

NIMY means: Never In A Million Years

Meaning of pump

pump means: n gym shoes. A rather antiquated term. The confusion arises because in the U.S., it means high heels or stilettos.

Meaning of scope out

scope out means: Look at, examine, ogle. Hey, scope the hunk and his friend over there.

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