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Slang meaning of avoir les boules

avoir les boules means: be scared

What is the slang meaning/definition of avoir les boules ?

avoir les boules (French idiom.) means: be scared

Slang definition of avoir les boules

avoir les boules (French idiom.) means: be scared

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Scared (imp. & p. p.): of Scare

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Meaning of avoir la frousse

avoir la frousse means: be scared stiff; be scared to death


SCARED FARTLESS means: Scared fartless is Canadian slang for extremely frightened. Terrified.

Meaning of Scared the living Ricky's out of me

Scared the living Ricky's out of me means: A peculiar localism for scared the living daylights out of me

Meaning of shitless

shitless means: Adj. Very frightened. Usually preceded by the word bored or scared. See 'scared shitless' and 'bore shitless'.

Meaning of SHIT SCARED

SHIT SCARED means: Shit scared is slang for terrified.

Meaning of SHIT−SCARED

SHIT−SCARED means: Shit−scared is slang for very frightened.

Meaning of Afeared

Afeared means: Scared, frightened.

Meaning of avoir les boules

avoir les boules means: be scared

Meaning of Packing it

Packing it means: Scared or frightened

Meaning of avoir les pétoches

avoir les pétoches means: be scared

Meaning of Zoinks!

Zoinks! means: scared, horrified;shocked

Meaning of shit bricks

shit bricks means: To be extremely scared.

Meaning of Candy ass

Candy ass means: Wimp or easily scared

Meaning of avoir une peur bleue de qch

avoir une peur bleue de qch means: be scared stiff of something

Meaning of avoir les jetons

avoir les jetons means: be scared; have the jitters; have the willies

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Meaning of OFF THE TOP

OFF THE TOP means: Off the top is slang for taken first.


SHIT ON ONE'S OWN DOORSTEP means: Shit on one's own doorstep is British slang for to do something damaging which will ruin one's own environment.

Meaning of SMOKE−O

SMOKE−O means: Smoke−o is Australian slang for a work break.

Meaning of ecstasy

ecstasy means: Noun. The drug Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA. Popular in Britain from the late 1980s and was essential in the early development of the British 'House' and 'Techno' music scene.

Meaning of Ep

Ep means: ‘Picture character’ in Japanese.

Meaning of bullring

bullring means: A he-man anus, usually; virginal rectal opening, anus; asshole.

Meaning of Fisherman's Daughter

Fisherman's Daughter means: Water

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