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Slang meaning of Backless

Backless means:

What is the slang meaning/definition of Backless ?

Backless (2) means:

Slang definition of Backless

Backless (2) means:

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BONNIE AND CLYDE means: Bonnie and Clyde is London Cockney rhyming slang for imitation goods (snide).

Meaning of TAIG

TAIG means: Taig is British slang for a Roman Catholic.

Meaning of yack (!)

yack (!) means: Exclam. An exclamation of disgust. A variation on 'yuck!'. Verb. To talk incessantly and boringly. Also spelt yak and often extended to yack on, meaning the same.

Meaning of fuddle-duddle

fuddle-duddle means: former Prime Ministers Trudeau's answer when asked what he said by the speaker of the house, he really said fucking bullshit, thus it has that meaning. A euphemistic substitution for "fuck" or "fuck off". Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau caused a minor scandal when opposition MPs claimed he had mouthed the words "Fuck off" to them in the House of Commons in February 1971. Pressed by journalists, Trudeau later unconvincingly stated he may have said (or mouthed) "fuddle duddle or something like that." Trudeau likely got the word "fuddle duddle" from the official Hansard transcript of his words for that parliamentary session. The Hansard reporter couldn't make out (or chose not to record verbatim) what Trudeau had mouthed, and chose to write down the now-infamous phrase instead. The phrase then took on a humorous connotation for Canadians.

Meaning of Dick cheese

Dick cheese means: semen

Meaning of Zed

Zed means: - The last letter of the alphabet. The English hate saying zee and only relent with names such as ZZ Top (Zed Zed Top does sound a bit stupid!).

Meaning of Spot with a twist

Spot with a twist means: Cup of tea with lemon

Meaning of HEAVEN

HEAVEN means: heroin

Meaning of supertight

supertight means: Excellent, outstanding. When he hit the curb, the steering wheel spun around and the suicide knob knocked him out.

Meaning of daddler/dadla/dadler

daddler/dadla/dadler means: threepenny bit (3d), and also earlier a farthing (quarter of an old penny, ¼d), from the early 1900s, based on association with the word tiddler, meaning something very small.

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