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Slang meaning of mae

mae means: money earned implicitly

What is the slang meaning/definition of mae ?

mae (2) means: money earned implicitly

Slang definition of mae

mae (2) means: money earned implicitly

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Earning (n.): That which is earned; wages gained by work or services; money earned; -- used commonly in the plural.

Implicitly (adv.): By implication; impliedly; as, to deny the providence of God is implicitly to deny his existence.

Earned (imp. & p. p.): of Earn

Unearned (a.): Not earned; not gained by labor or service.

Recompense (v. t.): To give in return; to pay back; to pay, as something earned or deserved.

Implicitly (adv.): In an implicit manner; without reserve; with unreserved confidence.

Blood money (): Money obtained as the price, or at the cost, of another's life; -- said of a reward for supporting a capital charge, of money obtained for betraying a fugitive or for committing murder, or of money obtained from the sale of that which will destroy the purchaser.

Money (n.): In general, wealth; property; as, he has much money in land, or in stocks; to make, or lose, money.

Money-maker (n.): One who accumulates money or wealth; specifically, one who makes money-getting his governing motive.

Money-maker (n.): One who coins or prints money; also, a counterfeiter of money.

Faith (n.): Belief; the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting solely and implicitly on his authority and veracity; reliance on testimony.

Advance (v.): A furnishing of something before an equivalent is received (as money or goods), towards a capital or stock, or on loan; payment beforehand; the money or goods thus furnished; money or value supplied beforehand.

Swallow (v. t.): To receive or embrace, as opinions or belief, without examination or scruple; to receive implicitly.

Investment (n.): The laying out of money in the purchase of some species of property; the amount of money invested, or that in which money is invested.

Money-making (a.): Sussessful in gaining money, and devoted to that aim; as, a money-making man.

Strike (n.): The extortion of money, or the attempt to extort money, by threat of injury; blackmailing.

Boodle (n.): Money given in payment for votes or political influence; bribe money; swag.

Sum (n.): A quantity of money or currency; any amount, indefinitely; as, a sum of money; a small sum, or a large sum.

Teller (n.): An officer of a bank who receives and counts over money paid in, and pays money out on checks.

Advance (v. t.): To furnish, as money or other value, before it becomes due, or in aid of an enterprise; to supply beforehand; as, a merchant advances money on a contract or on goods consigned to him.

Capitalist (n.): One who has capital; one who has money for investment, or money invested; esp. a person of large property, which is employed in business.

Prest (n.): A duty in money formerly paid by the sheriff on his account in the exchequer, or for money left or remaining in his hands.

Imprest (v. t.): A kind of earnest money; loan; -- specifically, money advanced for some public service, as in enlistment.

Usurer (n.): One who lends money and takes interest for it; a money lender.

Scutage (n.): Shield money; commutation of service for a sum of money. See Escuage.

Moneyed (adv.): Supplied with money; having money; wealthy; as, moneyey men.

Blood money (): Money paid to the next of kin of a person who has been killed by another.

Cash (n.): A place where money is kept, or where it is deposited and paid out; a money box.

Monetary (a.): Of or pertaining to money, or consisting of money; pecuniary.

Blackmail (n.): Payment of money exacted by means of intimidation; also, extortion of money from a person by threats of public accusation, exposure, or censure.

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Meaning of mae

mae means: money earned implicitly

Meaning of Trump

Trump means: To take money, especially without it being properly earned

Meaning of Down by law

Down by law means: is to have paid dues; that is, to have earned respect for your talent or ability to "get down."Charlie Parker spent years on the road working a lot of dives to fine-tune his craft. He earned every bit of success and recognition he later received. He was "down by law."

Meaning of patter

patter means: Normally used to indicate the spiel used by con artists as they try to fleece punters out of their hard earned money. Is also used to indicate someone who lies, or bullshits a lot.

Meaning of money

money means: adj./adv. Right on the mark. To be excellent.  "Yo . . . Billie . . . you are money" "Billy is our leading scorer on the team. He's the money."  2. a name you call your friend. See "g-money."  "Yo money, check this out." 

Meaning of AP

AP means: Alliance Points, the currency of PvP. It's earned from basically any PvP activity.

Meaning of Blood Money

Blood Money means: Originally known as bounty money, it was the financial reward for sinking an enemy ship. Today blood money refers to money paid by a killer as compensation to the next of kin of a murder victim or money gained at the cost of another's life or livelihood.

Meaning of money

money means: adj. Excellent; first-rate. You look so money! n.Idiomsin the money 1. Rich; affluent.put (one's) money where (one's) mouth is To live up to one's words; act according to one's own advice.

Meaning of Spud Locker

Spud Locker means: The part of a carrier where you don’t want to land; it is well down on the fantail, so if you hit it, you are way too low (at least one Navy pilot earned the nickname “Spud” for doing just that).

Meaning of cash-money

cash-money means: n. money. Now also a record label “Cash Money Records.”  "“Why you dealing?” “Cash-money baby!”" 

Meaning of FUNNY MONEY

FUNNY MONEY means: Funny money is slang for counterfeit money.Funny money is slang for worthless denominations.Funny money is slang for foreign currency.Funny money is slang for excessive or unearned wealth.

Meaning of Heaps

Heaps means: a lot, e.g. “thanks heaps”, “(s)he earned heaps of money” etc.

Meaning of coupon, bike coupon

coupon, bike coupon means: certificates implicitly granted by spouses, significant others, or bosses which permit participation in cycling related activity. Bike coupons have a fixed value, so that longer and more disruptive activities cost more coupons. Usage: "I can't make the 'Four Hours From Here' Crit tomorrow, I spent too many Bike Coupons on the 'Three Day Weekend' Omnium last week."


SWEAT EQUITY means: Sweat equity is American slang for an interest in a property earned by a tenant in return for helping with its upkeep or renovation.

Meaning of Money

Money means: , (MUH-nee) n.,  Friend, good person.  “Hey, I’ll catch you later, money.”  Also, anything good.  “That was a great movie, it was money!”  [Etym., African American]

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AYLESBURY DUCK means: Aylesbury duck is London Cockney rhyming slang for fuck.


CHRISTMAS CHEER means: Christmas cheer is London Cockney rhyming slang for beer.

Meaning of THRUST

THRUST means: Thrust is slang for amyl nitrate (or any associated inhalant drug).

Meaning of WAXY

WAXY means: Waxy is British slang for bad−tempered or irritable; angry.

Meaning of high five

high five means: Noun. A greeting or gesture of celebration, whereby a person raises their palms high on an outstretched arm to be slapped by another person doing the same. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of Stack

Stack means: Order of pancakes

Meaning of Gas

Gas means: (or Raps) – extremely fast e.g dave is raps, he’s a gas man.

Meaning of barf

barf means: To vomit. He has all the bank he needs.

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