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Slang meaning of poofta

poofta means: Faggot homosexual

What is the slang meaning/definition of poofta ?

poofta (2) means: Faggot homosexual

Slang definition of poofta

poofta (2) means: Faggot homosexual

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Queen (n.): A male homosexual, esp. one who is effeminate or dresses in women's clothing.

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Meaning of FAGGOT

FAGGOT means: Faggot is a slang term for a homosexual man.Faggot is English slang for an old shrivelled woman.

Meaning of faggot

faggot means: A male homosexual.a term applied to gays during the Inquisition when they were burned along with witches. The first record use of the word faggot in the USA was, in reference to homosexuals, was 1914 in a vocabulary of criminal slang published in Portland Oregon.

Meaning of skippy

skippy means: A homosexual. "Skippy" is a word often used such as the term Fag, Faggot, Queer, etc...a contemptuous, disparaging, degrading, belittling term used to describe a gay man such as Cock Sucker or Faggot.

Meaning of fag, faggot

fag, faggot means: Homosexual.

Meaning of poofta

poofta means: Faggot homosexual

Meaning of faggot

faggot means: used to identify a homosexual, usually a male.

Meaning of faggot

faggot means: used to identify a homosexual, usually a male.

Meaning of fag, faggot

fag, faggot means: n 1. Used as disparaging term for an openly homosexual man. 2. A cigarette.

Meaning of faggot

faggot means: Noun. 1. A homosexual male. Derog. 2. On the gay scene meaning a 'camp' effeminate male homosexual. Derog.

Meaning of faggot

faggot means: (1) homosexual (2) insult used towards straight males. (3) Also describes a male who dosn't do what he says he will e.g. you faggeted out!).

Meaning of fag

fag means: Noun. 1. A cigarette. 2. A homosexual male. Its use isn't prevalent in Britain. Abb. of 'faggot'. Derog. [Orig. U.S.] 3. A chore. E.g."It was a fag having to drive all the way back home at night."

Meaning of Homoicide

Homoicide means: The term comes from homicide. refers to a homosexual that is murdered. ["We don't need to investigate, this one is just homoicide, the faggot must have committed suicide. Must have been hard to get 9 bullets in the back"].

Meaning of fat faggot

fat faggot means: Derogatory term used in early-mid 80's in Clifton Heights, Pa (USA). Describes anyone thought to be burnt out on drugs and/or homeless. Came about because a particular homeless burnout fellow (nicknamed 'the Blackbird') who called everyone that refused to give him money for Mountain Dew a fat faggot.


FAGGOT TUNNEL means: Faggot tunnel is British slang for the mouth.

Meaning of faggot

faggot means: 1 n particular variety of meatball. 2 n bundle of sticks. 3 n grumpy old woman (uncommon). 4 n cigarette (uncommon). 5 n prostitute (uncommon). Brits do not use it as a derisive term for a homosexual man. In reality, the American definition is well known (if not really used) U.K.-wide, so most of the jokes involving the various other meanings have already been made. They all stem from the original Norse word “fagg,” meaning a bundled-together collection of matter. Do prostitutes come in bundles, I wonder.

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Meaning of ONE AND HALF

ONE AND HALF means: One and half is London Cockney rhyming slang for scarf.


PATHOGRAPHY means: Pathography is slang for a popular type of biography which highlights a subject's failings, scandalous behaviour, brushes with the law, and other unsavoury features.

Meaning of neck

neck means: to kiss

Meaning of FSR

FSR means: For Some Reason

Meaning of bung

bung means: 1 v stick; wedge. Push something into something, often something that was not intended for that purpose: Eventually we discovered that it wasn’t working because our son had bunged a Polish sausage into the video recorder. 2 n stopper, often rubber. The type of thing you use to block fluid from coming out of things. 3 n bribe intended to buy silence. A monetary reward given to someone in order to buy their tacit agreement, often associated with the fixing of sports games: Everyone knows that their manager’s taking bungs to throw the matches anyway. 4 – up full of cold; congested: I can’t come into work today, one of the kids is bunged up.

Meaning of blue boys

blue boys means: The police.

Meaning of PG rated

PG rated means: Straight stud known to be "gay for pay".

Meaning of CORK THE AIR

CORK THE AIR means: to inhale cocaine

Meaning of DREAM

DREAM means: cocaine


REDBALL, BALL OF FIRE means: Fast freight train,

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